"Your challenge is not to keep trying to repair what was damaged; your practice instead is to reawaken what is already wise, strong, and whole within you, to cultivate the qualities of heart and spirit that are available to you in this very moment."
~ Wayne Muller

Embodying NVC

Linda Mukti Rysenbry & Shari Elle
Linda Mukti Rysenbry & Shari Elle
If you have learned NVC and want to live it more fully in your life, imagine spending 5 glorious days totally immersed in NVC in a beautiful, serene location! Every day you and your mini-community of NVC-ers will learn, share and practice together under the guidance of two Certified NVC Trainers, enhancing and integrating your NVC skills to every aspect of your life.
Empathy buddy walks, inspiring conversation, quiet comfortable environment, yoga . . . and NVC in action, 24/7 . . .This moment-to-moment experience of 'embodying NVC' will show you how it is possible to live NVC on a daily basis. You will leave refreshed, reinvigorated and confident in your ability to use NVC in any situation.

Along with the ongoing support of this NVC community through mentoring, forums, webinars and more, the Embodying NVC Consciousness experience will be one you will never forget.

Next Retreat : 13 - 18 June 2017


Embodying NVC Consciousness Training includes:

5-day Retreat :
Living in a community focused on mutuality, compassion and learning.

One on One Mentoring :
Mentoring sessions with an ENVC certified coach including individual assignments and feedback.

Supportive Relationships :
Regular phone sessions with a practice/empathy buddy for support and Interactive Online Forum.

The Venue

Peter Canisius HouseLocated within the extensive grounds of Canisius College on the leafy North Shore, Peter Canisius House  is 30 minutes from the CBD by public transport and 30 minutes by car from Sydney Airport. Steeped in history, the grand buildings are surrounded by beautiful gardens and reflective spaces.

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Advanced Programs

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