About Our Team...

Shari Elle is the Principal of Embodying NVC and the lead trainer and coach.  Embodying NVC has an extraordinarily skilled team of trainers and coaches. Our team is present both during the retreats and as coaches throughout program.

Shari was one of the four founding NVC trainers in Australia, and has been teaching NVC since 2001.  She is deeply steeped in living and sharing NVC, and has studied extensively with Dr Marshall Rosenberg.

In 2011, together with long time friends and colleagues Linda Mukti Rysenbry and Dorset Campbell-Ross, Shari co-founded Embodying NVC Consciousness, with the intention of creating a program which would support discovering the consciousness of NVC in oneself and integrating NVC skills into one's lived experience, in the shortest time possible.

Embodying NVC is the result of this inspiration and is continually refined, enriched and expanded.  Our aim is to contribute to a thriving world where Life flourishes through daily interactions and systemic social change that hold's everyone's needs as precious.

Shari Elle - CNVC Certified

Shari ElleShari trained intensively with the founder of NVC, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg becoming one of Australia's founding CNVC Trainers.  She has continued to develop and share NVC widely throughout the country and internationally and is actively engaged in contributing to the NVC Community's growth and development.  Shari is an experienced communications trainer, whose aim is to share how the creative opportunity in every challenge we face, lies in the quality of how we speak and hear each other - in the ability to identify what is authentically and vitally important and to see through each other's eyes.

She works with organisations, communities, government and individuals, working with leaders to live from the powerful foundations of authentic nonviolence. She trains and mentors NVC trainers around Australia.

Prior to her focus on communications, Shari owned a number of businesses including an outsourced sales force to the architectural and interior design market, where she employed part-time high performing mothers, and structured the company systems so they could enjoy the best of both worlds - motherhood and a fulfilling career.

Shari is known for the depth of personal honesty and empowerment she brings to her sharing of NVC.  She is a life long student of how to create the world we want to live in through the way we communicate and connect.  Shari is also the mother of two amazing young men and lives in Sydney enjoying its harbour and beaches.

Alistair McKinnon - Support Trainer and Embodying NVC Certified Coach.  

Alistair is a trainer and coach in NVC and has been sharing NVC for the past 5 years. He is passionate about embodying the consciousness of compassion, love and power in communication. His particular emphasis is on accessing the wisdom of the body to support self-connection and self-awareness. He works with supporting couples in intimate relationships, offers mediation and also a compassionate leadership program.  Alistair also enjoys working with Men's Groups.

Bridget O'Donnell - Support Trainer and Embodying NVC Certified Coach.  

For Bridget, NVC has provided practical steps for dealing with conflicts that inevitably arise when living in a close-knit family and an eco-village community.  Bridget’s experience working in general and psychiatric nursing has contributed to her understanding and compassion for the human condition, and through her yoga and meditation practices, has developed a deep connection with herself and an authentic presence with others. She brings creativity, emotional intelligence, and a natural empathy to her coaching and teaching.  Bridget is a graduate of Embodying NVC, an accredited Embodying NVC Coach, and a candidate for CNVC Certification.  She has been taught by international trainers Dominic Barter, Kit Miller, Leo Sofer, Liv Larsson, Robert Gonzales, and Karl Steyaert.