The Deepening

Taking your skills in NVC to a whole new level...

You have completed the 8 month program and are incredibly grateful for the immense shifts in your life, ease in yourself, confidence in conflict, and the enrichment of all your relationships. And within you know you would like to know yourself even more deeply, and bring this deeper you to all your relationships.

The 8 month graduate program - The Deepening - is for you.

This program will be an entirely different experience to when you originally attended the ENVC.  Now you are no longer "learning" the skills, but are able to embody them in a whole new way, from where you are now!  With all the skills you already have.  You will be working at high skill levels and learning things you have never heard before (because you were not ready to).

In The Deepening, you will be at the same retreats as non-graduates, in the same room, doing the same exercises, but experiencing them entirely differently.  You will be solely in groups with other graduates and so you are having very experienced support and feedback in all your exercises and empathy.  And you will be going through a different ENVC experience as our retreats and team evolve with each retreat too!

All this at 20% off the regular ENVC price.

Investment: $2997 inc. GST