The Abundance Power & Purpose Program
(Starts Mid Feb 2018 - NVC not essential - By Application)

"How can we create an interior environment, where we are able to listen to the whisper of the future.  We often want a future in order to escape... only by being here now do we get the blessing of emergence, of the real future."

~Thomas Huebl

We think that we are working in linear time from this individualised Me.  Yet when we are truely present, it's not true.

Instead, we are multidimensional Beings, Interconnected, not separate, working in Quantum Creation, in partnership with All Life.

And this is true whether we are conscious of it or not.

So maybe for you it IS time to move to this Conscious Creation.

Of course, words don't quite describe it.

Yet every one of us has a unique signature, our absolutely unique expression of Life that we have true joy to bring... not just for us, but for All.

And when we do, when we fully open into the Trust of that Creation and Expression, we find our deepest Joy.

This program is focused on this.  Moving beyond our limited perception of our selves and what we are capable of, to instead create from our true interconnected selves.  To release anything getting in the way of allowing this Creator Force to fully Express itself through us, in the form of what we would most Love.

We truly are Powerful beyond anything we could ever Imagine.

And now is the time for Imagining.

Whilst constantly letting go of needing to be in hard work (part of the identification with our separate self) and instead consciously moving with Ease and Grace. Allowing the full support of Life.

And Miracles Really DO begin to Happen!

We are in the time of miracles now and of creating our own reality... Through Inspired Action.

This Abundance Power & Purpose Program is designed to accelerate this transition of awareness and to support you in your Full and Abundant Creation.

This 6 month program is a combination of full group in-person gatherings, virtual video meetings, coaching, and Facebook group. We are limited to a full-hearted and intimate group of 12.

This group is scheduled to begin early February for the 2018 new year.

View Webinar introducing APPP:
(click image to watch 38 min webinar)

Webinar Introducing APPP

38 minute webinar introducing APPP and also sharing the 3 phases of NVC (as Shari sees them) and...










What it Looks Like:

Firstly, this program will be led by what is in each of our hearts and inspiration and intuition, in real time... so there are no rules on how it looks.  It is a gathering of masters sharing their insights and seeing for each other.

AND the format is:

  • A maximum of 12 people
  • A full day of coming together in person in Sydney, meeting every 6 weeks.  We will be starting at 10 am and finishing at 5 pm (so you can, if you want, fly in and out on the same day... we are also meeting at Moore Park Golf Club, quite close to the airport.
  • Fortnightly 2 hour gatherings by zoom where we bring any challenges, celebrations, questions, updates etc, and again, we see the highest for each other and share insights as a group.
  • We have a private facebook page where our zoom recordings are stored and also where we can ask for support and share links to inspiring material etc. And contacts of other members of the group to reach out to.


  • We will have an additional meeting, so the whole program goes over a 7 month period!

Investment : [inc. GST]

$5940 Earlybird
(Pay $990 ($450 deposit + $540) by 31/12/17 then 5 x $990 monthly from 22/1/18)
$7920 Regular
(Pay $1320 ($450 deposit + $870) by 22/1/18 then 5 x $1320 monthly from 22/1/18)