Linda Rysenbry

NVC – You and Self-Connection

Linda Rysenbry

To be really tuned in to oneself, one’s worth and to take care of and nurture oneself – can seem herculean some days!

On other days it’s a breeze, isn’t it?

Do you ever wonder – what gives here? How can this be when I am the same person – yet up and down it goes . . And that’s it – up and down go our emotions and on and off go our thoughts.  Moving all around are also our deeper needs.

I find a huge amount of peace and calmness is accessible – thanks to the framework of NVC – it gives a means of organising all of this and accessing my wisdom that lives within or underneath this inner experience.

NVC literally helps all of us to do this – to make sense of oneself at a deeper level than the shenanigans of the mind and emotions. :+)

Rather than do this on a random crises driven basis . . . I want to remind you that what makes a lasting difference is where your focus goes each day.

So today I am here encouraging you to pause each day to connect with yourself.

The basic Self Empathy process learned at an NVC Foundation training is a wonderful support.  So definitely turn to that. For more depth and practice in how you befriend and relate to yourself in a variety of settings there is the next retreat My Relationship with Myself : Building Self, Worth, Love and Care.  At this retreat we approach 3 new levels:

  • Deeper practices of self-connection
  • Bringing compassion to parts of myself that just don’t believe in my worth and lovability
  • Resting in self connection even when it’s challenging

Of course you already are valuable, lovable and peaceful – that is how we see you.  There is no adding to or improving who you are at our retreats,  just practising finding our way back to our natural compassionate nature.   We look forward to hearing any questions or reading your comments about how you connect with yourself regularly.

Love and gratitude
Linda (and Shari and Dorset)

Living from your Sweet Spot

Shari ElleWalking down the road, one thousand cicadas singing, blue sky overhead and the ocean tumbling on my right … I’m grateful. Grateful for every person I know (and those I don’t) who reach for the sweet spot of life.

As you are engaged here with this email list – I’m guessing that includes you!

Here is what I call sweet spots:

  • In oneself: moments of deep peacefulness and openness.
  • With another: moments when there is the still point of honesty and compassion.
  • As a group: moments of flowing collaboration, efficacy, creativity and celebration.

In February’s 5 day retreat Returning to Love: Growing Intimacy and Connection, we focus on how to be our centred ‘sweet spot’ self, in intimate relationships – i.e. with a partner, our children and other immediate family members.

Continue reading

Meet Obstacles with Compassion and Life with Passion!

“I want to really live my life,
not grapple with it all the time.”
Linda RysenbryI totally agree! How about you?

In all that we do at the ENCT, our focus is on living a wonderful life! Sure, we process pockets of pain, especially when on Retreat. But that’s not our main focus. Why?

Because whilst it’s important to tend to those things that drag you away from what you truly value and enjoy, scouring your inner world on a search and destroy mission for each and every jackal, can surely rob you of the very energy you need — to LIVE. Continue reading

Connection – it’s an inside job!

“I notice a major shift in me after this last retreat.  I am more self-responsible than I have ever been in my life, so I am far more peaceful within myself – instead of focusing outward on other people and stressing about them not doing what I want them to do!”
~ Participant in My Relationship with Myself, June 2013

Linda RysenbryTwo weeks ago we were deep in retreat with a group of people thirsty to have lighter, more joyful relationships with themselves and those around them!

Virtually everyone had major shifts like the person above.
We call it ‘popping’ when we notice these shifts happening amongst people on the retreat. These are energetic shifts – not just intellectual insights – so they really are lasting changes for folks.

There was a lot of ‘people popping’ going on! Continue reading

Ready to really handle unwanted emotions and thoughts?

Linda RysenbryWould you like to truly have it sussed when it comes to handling your emotions and persistent thoughts? To feel a resilient, inner confidence and acceptance of pretty much whatever emotions come up for you?

I used to think life around me told me so much about everyone else! I really believed that if they would change I could get over feeling frustrated and upset and on with being happy! Seriously!  I put a lot of effort into (subtly) trying to ‘teach’ them better ways of communicating and reacting.  So I could be more peaceful and happy.

Depression, anxiety, lack of focus and irritability are signs of being buffeted around by your emotions and thoughts.   I had all of those.

Once I realised that I could untangle my inner world and actually did something about meeting my underlying needs – life changed for me.  And for those around me 🙂 Continue reading