Connection – it’s an inside job!

“I notice a major shift in me after this last retreat.  I am more self-responsible than I have ever been in my life, so I am far more peaceful within myself – instead of focusing outward on other people and stressing about them not doing what I want them to do!”
~ Participant in My Relationship with Myself, June 2013

Linda RysenbryTwo weeks ago we were deep in retreat with a group of people thirsty to have lighter, more joyful relationships with themselves and those around them!

Virtually everyone had major shifts like the person above.
We call it ‘popping’ when we notice these shifts happening amongst people on the retreat. These are energetic shifts – not just intellectual insights – so they really are lasting changes for folks.

There was a lot of ‘people popping’ going on!
To name a few:

  • Found a huge reservoir of love and understanding for myself.
  • I am much more free and powerful than I believed.
  • I’m committed to focusing on my personal relationships and feelings now.  I’m ready to be vulnerable and real.
  • Rediscovered a part of myself that I had disowned.  Now I feel open to myself and others in a whole new way.

Co-facilitating these retreats with Shari and Dorset is part of how I expand my own heart, capacity to contribute and my love for myself and others.

All of our retreats cover the core elements of how to develop and foster self-understanding.

October’s retreat is magical as it focuses on the inter-connectedness of each of us with each other and with all Life!  Addressing bringing NVC consciousness to sharing of talents, skills, power and choices — be it as an employee, a professional, a homemaker or an NVC trainer!

I sure hope to see you at Songline, Byron Bay for our next Retreat. Please Email today if you have questions and one of us will call you or Register now.

With warmth and peace,
(on behalf of Linda, Shari and Dorset)

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