Contributing in the World: My relationship to Life

Dorset Campbell-RossHello,

It’s Dorset here. I’m one of the three ENCT trainers, and I’m writing from Gili Air, a little island close to Bali, where I’m having a break.

Are you considering joining us for the October ENCT Retreat at Songline, my home near Byron Bay? This one is about your Relationship to the World.

Imagine every day contributing not only to yourself but others too, in a way that fully aligns with all your values? How would that feel?

“This retreat opens us up to the interconnectedness of all Life, in all its forms – not just humans, and not just those humans like ourselves.” Imagine if this awareness was universal. What would our world look like then? What needs would this meet for you?

I remember writing the August ENCT newsletter a year ago when I was in Kenya, being a trainer at the first ever African 9 day CNVC International Intensive Training.

I wrote about how I was so delighted seeing the engagement and enthusiasm of our African brothers and sisters for learning and applying NVC. In that newsletter I was also sharing my love of contributing and making a difference. I wanted to demonstrate what making a living in a way that’s aligned with my values looks and feels like.

Teaching NVC is where I ended up after considering what was really important to me. It is the strategy that met the most needs for me.

A year later, I realise I’m still doing the same thing. I’m here in Indonesia for some healthy eating, massages, yoga, rest and recreation, and I’m also here to give a couple of workshops. One is for the staff of a school, where I have taught before, and one is for the public in a beautiful villa in Ubud.

Once again I feel the excitement that rises when I realise I’m living my dream: Living in a paradise, and teaching folks who love to learn, and are grateful for everything that they receive. However – I have discovered I have a tendency overbalance on the contribution side! I learned that I must carefully balance my need to do, with my need to simply be . For me, that’s so cool, because I love creating a way of living that fits with ALL my values – not only appreciation, engagement and connection, but health, rest and fun as well.

Applying NVC to this way of living and working gives me that in spades.

If you would like to discover and honour your values in the way you live life in the world, pop over to register for the October ENCT at:

Linda, Shari and I look forward to seeing you in October.


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Contributing to the World:
My Relationship to Life