Living from your Sweet Spot

Shari ElleWalking down the road, one thousand cicadas singing, blue sky overhead and the ocean tumbling on my right … I’m grateful. Grateful for every person I know (and those I don’t) who reach for the sweet spot of life.

As you are engaged here with this email list – I’m guessing that includes you!

Here is what I call sweet spots:

  • In oneself: moments of deep peacefulness and openness.
  • With another: moments when there is the still point of honesty and compassion.
  • As a group: moments of flowing collaboration, efficacy, creativity and celebration.

In February’s 5 day retreat Returning to Love: Growing Intimacy and Connection, we focus on how to be our centred ‘sweet spot’ self, in intimate relationships – i.e. with a partner, our children and other immediate family members.

Next time you experience a sweet spot – harvest it! :+)  I think of it like a strawberry.

  • Pause, hold it.
  • Make eye contact. Or if it’s with yourself perhaps place your hand on your heart or belly.
  • Savour the moment by expressing the emotions and deep needs met by what just happened.  If that’s too risky or challenging – perhaps reach out and touch the other person on the arm or shoulder.
  • Ask to hear how the other person is feeling right now.  Savour their response.

Taking as little as 20 seconds to pause and really ‘be’ in the moment of a sweet spot can literally rewire, soothe and calibrate our nervous system for more connection successes.

We wish you many experiences of your most important needs met over this summer holiday and much celebrated time of year!

With love and gratitude
Linda, Shari and Dorset

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