Meet Obstacles with Compassion and Life with Passion!

“I want to really live my life,
not grapple with it all the time.”
Linda RysenbryI totally agree! How about you?

In all that we do at the ENCT, our focus is on living a wonderful life! Sure, we process pockets of pain, especially when on Retreat. But that’s not our main focus. Why?

Because whilst it’s important to tend to those things that drag you away from what you truly value and enjoy, scouring your inner world on a search and destroy mission for each and every jackal, can surely rob you of the very energy you need — to LIVE.

Imagine if you kept taking your car to the mechanic every week to
make sure everything was perfect — there could always be something extra to fine tune…
And your car would be in the shop, when you need it to get to all the fun places you wanted to go!

We are in our third year of Embodying NVC Retreats and Coaching, and what I see is that ENCT imbues participants with a resilience and softness that helps to

meet obstacles with compassion,
and life with passion!

At our next Retreat in October you’ll get to dive into what you value in life and align yourself with that.

Email today if you want to discuss attending the October retreat or the full programme (ENCT) and one of us will call you.  Or just go ahead and Register now.  You’ll be warmly welcomed!

If you are doing something else in October and intend to join us for the February 2014 Retreat, do be sure to make contact now.  Send an email to request a special info call.

With warmth and peace,
(on behalf of Linda, Shari and Dorset)

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