NVC Can Change Your World

Greetings from Dorset
— in Tanzania, Africa !

Hi, For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Dorset,Dorset IIT Africa Francis Police Superintendant one of the three trainers who present the Embodying NVC Consciousness Training. Our next Retreat is about relating with the world and I have been doing that big time over here in Africa for the past 3 months!

I am still basking in the after-glow of the first African CNVC International Intensive Training(IIT), where I was delighted to be one of 4 trainers — from Canada, Holland, Germany and Australia — who contributed their time for free.

What a feat! Almost none of the 47 participants were able to pay for their room and board, let alone the training, so this was largely funded by generous donations from NVC supporters worldwide. If you were one of those, Thank You, Thank You !

It was so touching to see Christians and Muslims, policemen and teachers, farmers, tattoo artists and social workers from all over Africa, connecting on very deep levels and sharing their hearts . . . all whilst learning and practicing the simple yet powerful tools of Nonviolent Communication.

My deepest wish is that my contribution has made a real difference in helping to alleviate some of the pain and suffering that is so rampant throughout Africa. I left with no doubt that seeds have been sown that will blossom one day to create a wave of social change spreading across Africa, and I am so honoured to have been a part of that inception.

If contributing to a Nonviolent world appeals to you, you can join in by attending NVC Foundation or Advanced Trainings, or NVC Practice Groups (see nvcaustralia.com). Bring your NVC tools to your interactions as often as you can, and remember to…listen…to yourself and others.

If you already know the basics and are ready to take your practice deeper  — and wider! — embodying the consciousness of Nonviolent Communication — come join us at the Embodying NVC Consciousness Training (ENCT). You’ll be warmly welcomed.

In this retreat we will focus on our relationship with life as a whole, including our relationship with our work, and how we interact with the world at large. We will have the opportunity to look at the social changes we would like to see, to express our feelings about the things we witness going on in the world that we don’t enjoy, and also, for those who are interested, in how to take NVC out into the world and make a living from it.

If you are doing something else in October and intend to join us for the February 2014 Retreat, do be sure to make contact now.  Send an email to request a special info call.

With love,
(on behalf of the ENCT Team)

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