Ready to really handle unwanted emotions and thoughts?

Linda RysenbryWould you like to truly have it sussed when it comes to handling your emotions and persistent thoughts? To feel a resilient, inner confidence and acceptance of pretty much whatever emotions come up for you?

I used to think life around me told me so much about everyone else! I really believed that if they would change I could get over feeling frustrated and upset and on with being happy! Seriously!  I put a lot of effort into (subtly) trying to ‘teach’ them better ways of communicating and reacting.  So I could be more peaceful and happy.

Depression, anxiety, lack of focus and irritability are signs of being buffeted around by your emotions and thoughts.   I had all of those.

Once I realised that I could untangle my inner world and actually did something about meeting my underlying needs – life changed for me.  And for those around me 🙂

How I did this, and you can too, is to take any event or heavy thought and bring it into NVC awareness.  I found over and over this pointed me in the direction of my greater happiness regardless of what the other person is doing. I still recall the relief and confidence I felt when I discovered I could use this inner compass and be so much less dependent on others around me for my own peace of mind. Yes!!

I see this as part of self care.  And I notice that the participants I’m coaching in the Embodying NVC program are also tuning into this at the moment. Here is the core of what people are seeing; it’s so important that I want you to hear it too:

When I stop and attend to my own needs,
I am doing a great service to me
and to everyone else too.
It’s very precious and satisfying to hear folks realising deeply just how truly important their own needs are.

Judgmental thoughts and worries disconnect us from ourselves.  Recognise any of these tell tale signs?

  • doing things you don’t enjoy
  • finding yourself pushing yourself beyond your limits
  • ignoring your basic self care needs
  • feeling unloved

There are a number of ways to return to being happy, grounded, relaxed, focused, calm and much more present and peaceful.

Here is one quick and easy way. You can do it anywhere. I find it has the double benefit of making sure that I recognise just how much ‘I have’ — needs met (fullness), rather than ‘I don’t have’ — needs unmet (lack):

Sitting here now I quietly pick up an object, and pause . . . hold it sensing into the needs of mine that it contributes to . . .

As I did this today the focus in my eyes cleared up and my breathing slowed.  In so many ways I am supported to have my needs met :+) and am reminded of what matters to me . . .where I want to put my attention.
Tea cup – sustenance and nurturing
Stapler – order
Calculator – clarity and awareness
Mobile phone – connection
Purple highlighter – ah yes, colour and beauty

Shari, Dorset and I, are here to enable you to fully embrace yourself in a compassionate, vital and authentic life through deeply integrating NVC, both within yourself and with others.

At My Relationship with Myself — our next juicy 5 day Retreat, commencing in Byron Bay, 11 June 2013, you’ll learn to bring your inner compass to the forefront of your daily life, be compassionate and real with yourself and much more.

How would that be as a gift of care to yourself? Arrange your information call with one of us by sending an email now.  Or to register right away just click here.

Until we see you … peace and warm wishes
(on behalf of Linda, Shari and Dorset)

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