My Relationship with Myself:

Increasing self-worth, self-care and self-love

11-16 Jun 2019

Reacting and resisting what is going on around us is an exhausting and ultimately dissatisfying approach to life and ourselves. You know this don't you?

Have you ever longed to really grasp how NVC can support you to shift out of the habitual patterns that drain you? How to really embrace yourself for the beautiful being that you are?

This retreat is focused on exactly that.  Specifically we engage in the following:

  • Embracing uncomfortable feelings like shame, guilt, anger, fear and sadness as friends and guides.
  • Experiencing mutual respect and consideration for everyone’s needs - as an alternative to thinking in terms of who is right/wrong, or good/bad.
  • Pre-verbal NVC – Using the innate intelligence of our body to
 quickly and directly connect us to our needs.
  • Moving from thinking of myself as controlled by outside forces, to self empowerment.
  • Using my values and aspirations to focus and direct my life.
  • Loving my needs. Knowing my need is a gift, both for others and myself.
  • Identifying and exploring my growth edge (e.g. “My needs don’t matter - other’s needs are more important than mine”)

  • Becoming conscious of the thoughts and triggers that stimulate attack, or withdrawal 
and separation.
  • Discovering and utilising the transformative sacred space between stimulus and reaction.
  • Accepting the needs of others are as precious.
  • How forgiveness and gratitude to heal both my past and present relationships.
  • Listening to my inner self with empathy.






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