Growing community

It takes a village …

Our dream is to contribute near and far to anyone who wants to integrate the consciousness of NVC into their lives and/or discover like hearted community.  June_15_Group_LR

We need support to reach out and let these people, who have dipped their toes in to NVC (through learning NVC at a Foundation Training with Certified Trainer), know what we are offering at Embodying NVC.

Are you enthusiastic and willing to let folks know about what we are doing here at Embodying NVC?

Would you like to give us a hand in getting the word out by talking to others, pointing them to our website, giving folks copies of the Info Pack* (downloadable here) and/ or if you’ve already come through this programme, sharing your experience?

You are our best advocate 🙂

We are very happy to partner with you.  If someone you speak with, then enrols please click this link and complete the online form so we can share with you and thank you for your support in the form of a referrer’s monetary gift.

Alternatively, if you would rather contribute this amount to the Embodying NVC scholarship fund to enable people who would not otherwise be able to fund themselves, to attend a retreat or the full program, please email and we will deposit your referrer ‘thank you’ to this fund on your behalf.

A few details for simplicity and understanding:

  1. Only complete the online form once you know the person has actually registered.
  2. The person registering needs to be a NEW participant ie. has not attended perviously.
  3. We will be gifting money as follow: 1st Retreat $100, 2nd Retreat $150 if participant joined full programme.
  4. Payments will be made post retreat (within 2 weeks).
  5. The person who first submits the referrers form (see above link) will be deemed to be the referrer.
  6. Please note the pre-requisite: a registrant needs to have attended an NVC Foundation Training led by a CNVC certified trainer prior to attending a retreat with us.
  7. *There is a Business Info Pack (downloadable here) for those seeking employer funding.

For further details please email or phone us.

Grateful for any and all support to share and connect with others.  Thank you.

Shari and Linda