"There is this spaciousness since the retreat. I feel so alive! And there are no judgment popping up in my head. It's really quiet inside me and I am automatically going to empathy and honesty in a very authentic way.
Truthfully I thought that NVC was a nice idea and that I would maybe make some progress by practising regularly.  Now though, I can see I am really going to be able to live this in my life!! Infact I AM living this now!
I have done so many courses, intense psychotherapy and psychological work and there has been nothing as transformative as the ENVC Programme - the retreats and the coaching especially."
Annette Lewington, ENVC participant

I got closure of so many past experiences because of completion and fulfilment of so many unmet needs which I carried with me throughout my life, now met in the safe, secure, stable, empathic, caring, nurturing, tender environment that I have experienced in the NVC retreats.
The ENVC program has been the most enriching program I have experienced and recommend it to everyone who is willing and prepared to live truthfully, honestly and authentically and wish to connect empathically with themselves and others they care about.
Lynette Howearth, Power and Love participant

I certainly got the opportunities and learning to deepen my NVC consciousness and abilities. I am more than satisfied with what I received. I continue to be impressed by the level of teaching provided, and the amount of thought or consideration that goes into making the retreat the best it can be.
The training met what I was looking for: a level of challenge that required another level of NVC ability/facility of me.
Genevieve Gibbs, ENVC participant,

“The course gave me invaluable practical experience in the moment-to-moment process of connecting deeply with myself. This allows me to approach everyone with greater compassion and empathy. When I lose connection with myself in the busy-ness of life, I have very effective tools to quickly get myself back on track.”
Anne O’Casey, ENCT participant

“I started on this journey because I wanted to connect more with those closest to me, and I realised that I can only start when I connect with myself first. I realised I wanted an outcome that was not achievable until I connected with myself first. Since doing the ENCT retreat last June I definitely have more consciousness about my responses. I am prepared to go more sloooowly, and that was a big one for me, because I was always interrupting, talking loud, and forcing my point of view. So going slow, taking time, connecting with myself and expressing that what I truly want is connection, is what has changed my life. When I get that about myself, then I can connect with the other.”
Alan Kras, ENCT participant

What were you looking for when you enrolled in the Embodying NVC Consciousness Retreat?
Practice in empathy and self-empathy, making requests and identifying feelings and needs. Connection with others in the group.  I also was looking for education and support around becoming an NVC Trainer and sharing this work with others.

What did you get?
All of the above and much more.
A full rich experience of community, of connection, fun, play, singing and dancing, hugs, laughter, modeling, self disclosure, insights into my own processes.

Did it meet what you were looking for and why/why not?
Yes, because the space was one of safety and trust so i could open to the learning and be present.

What would you say to others about this program?
If you want connection, support, understanding, knowledge, practice, safety, fun, co-creation, honesty, autonomy, to access your feelings and needs, self understanding.... DO THIS COURSE.
It is the most authentic experience of community I've had in Australia.

What would you say to Shari?
Thank you for everything.
You inspire me in different ways.
Your integrity, transparency, openness, generosity.
Your insights, willingness to support and guide us.
Mostly your courage to take risks and trust the process.

Bridget O'Donnell, Mother and Eco-Community Member

What would you say to the Trainer Team?
I  love you guys!!
You really are a great team. You have such beauty and intuitiveness and care that meets my needs for safety and authenticity and understanding. It's true you have an amazing capacity to bend and twist with the demands of the group and I believe we got just the right does of each of you at just the right time.

Vitoria Borg-Oliver, Mother and Developer of healthy kids lifestyle website www.munchkinkids.com