Power and Purpose:

Fully giving my gifts in the world

22-27 Oct 2019


In this retreat we connect to our own uniqueness and the love that we have to give our gifts in the world.  We will be directly connecting with the power of who we are, and what is getting in the way of giving what we are here to give from fullness.

We are, each and every one of us, amazingly powerful.  And when we move from the love that is in our hearts, and from what it is that we are each authentically here to give, well, that is where life starts to really become joyful.  That is when we are moving in our actual true alignment with the Life Force within us and become "on purpose". We unleash a power within us that is unstoppable.

This retreat is not so much about connecting with or identifying "our purpose" as though it is something outside of ourself that was planted there and that we have to "find" — an end point or destination. Rather it is about connecting with what it is that we LOVE.  What brings us joy. And seeing what it is that is getting in the way of our believing that we can actually live from this joyful place.

Living fully from your Power and Purpose is right here right now. The only thing that is dimming it or disconnecting you from living from this Joy Of Life (from within) are the Jackals (our shoulds, shouldn'ts, musts, can'ts, no choice, blame, criticism, self labels, labels of others, guilt, stories, what we are telling ourself about the world, what we are telling ourself about survival, what we are telling ourself about whether we will belong or fit, what we are telling ourself about what we will have to "give up" in order to live our authentic life etc) that are holding ourselves back, keeping us small, and separating us from living who we are here to be.

This retreat is not about getting rid of our Jackals!  It is instead about becoming aware of the stories which we are running, bringing compassion to them, hearing their wisdom, and moving forward in way that integrates all of ourselves... just as we are!

There is no upgraded version of ourselves.

All there is is the awareness of who we are, in truth, already!  Then your full Power and Purpose can give all you are here to give!

And it is not about taking 5 or ten steps toward our purpose. Because our purpose is right here. It is a single step, then another single step, then another. Each step moving from within us and each step building on the previous. Each step freeing Life within us.

This is the first time we have run this retreat with this specific intention.  We hope you will come and play!






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